FRASER Adds Speeches of Cleveland Fed Presidents

The speeches of Cleveland Fed Presidents Elvadore R. Fancher, Ray M. Gidney, Wilbur D. Fulton, W. Braddock Hickman, Willis J. Winn, Karen N. Horn, and W. Lee Hoskins are now available on FRASER. Their tenures cover the period November 2, 1914, through November 15, 1991. The FRASER collection of Cleveland Fed Presidents’ speeches will soon be complete when the speeches of the two most recent Presidents, Jerry L. Jordan and Sandra Pianalto, are added.

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FRASER Adds Issues of the Cleveland Fed’s Review

Consult the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland’s Economic Review on FRASER, from the March 1919 issue (describing the railroad decline’s effect on Pennsylvania steel mill operations) to the 4th quarter 2001 issue (describing how monetary policy could affect corporate finance).

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Extending Unemployment Insurance Benefits

Maria Canon and Yang Liu discuss the Emergency Unemployment Compensation program, which emerged from the Unemployment Extension Act, passed on November 21, 2008. They consider that extended benefits may reduce unemployed workers’ job search efforts, decreasing their likelihood of becoming reemployed.

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FRASER Adds Federal Reserve Bank of New York Circulars

These circulars were issued to member banks to address key topics in the Reserve Bank’s mission, procedures, and processes. FRASER just added circulars from 1967 to 1971.

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FRED Adds 609 Industry-Specific GDP Series

FRED has added 609 quarterly series published by the BEA for the first time. These series track gross output, value added, and intermediate inputs for 22 industry sectors.

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FRED Adds 90 U.S. Labor Force Status Flows Series

These 90 monthly series published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics track net changes in employment status by gender and for three categories of persons: the employed, unemployed, and nonparticipants (that is, those not in the labor force). These series, constructed from Current Population Survey data, allow a more precise analysis of employment and unemployment measures by identifying the movement of workers in and out of these categories.


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FRED Adds FOMC Summary of Economic Projections

FRED has added 42 series from the Summary of Economic Projections. The FOMC makes these projections four times per year for the real GDP growth rate, personal consumption expenditures (PCE) inflation, core PCE inflation, and the unemployment rate. These projections have high, low, and midpoint values for both the full range and the central tendency. The range projections for these series include all participants’ projections, from lowest to highest, for the given year; the central tendency projections exclude the three highest and three lowest projections for the given year.

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FRED Adds 322 U.S. International Transactions Series

FRED has added 322 quarterly and annual series published by the BEA after a comprehensive restructuring of the international economic accounts, which has affected the presentation of the U.S. International Transactions release.

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FRASER Houses the History of the Fed

The latest additions to FRASER include FOMC meeting documents 1923-present; a Brookings collection of Fed memos, reports, and research; and New York Fed circulars from the 60s that guided member banks on policies, procedures, and mission.

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The New Review

Read about monetary policy during Ben Bernanke’s two terms as Chairman, the 2009 Recovery Act’s creation of mostly government-sector jobs, economic and racial disparities in U.S. neighborhoods, and predicting industry-wide banking stress in the second-quarter issue of Review.


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