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FRED Adds Data from the Dallas Fed: Trade-Weighted Value of the Dollar and Market Value of U.S. Government Debt

FRED has just added more data published by the Federal Reserve Bank of DallasReal Trade-Weighted Value of the Dollar by U.S. State (50 monthly series): These indexes calculate the inflation-adjusted value of the U.S. dollar against the currencies of countries to which U.S. states export. The real exchange rates are aggregated across countries for each state using the annual average export share to the country. Market Value of U.S. Government Debt (3 series): For many uses, market value more accurately represents the debt burden faced by the U.S. government than the par value. The par value of government debt, reported by the U.S. Treasury, reflects interest rates at the time the debt was issued; the market value of government debt (Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas researchers) is adjusted to reflect market interest rates as of the observed period.

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