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FRED Adds Bank Term Funding Program Data

FRED has added 4 new data series of Bank Term Funding Program from the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.

The Bank Term Funding Program provides liquidity to US depository institutions, taking eligible financial assets as collateral. This program was launched on 03/12/2023 to help banks, saving associations, and credit unions meet the liquidity needs of all their depositors. The Department of the Treasury has pledged $25 billion as credit protection to the Federal Reserve Banks in connection to this program. The Bank Term Funding Program is set to close by 03/11/2024. More details are available here: Bank Term Funding Program.

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FRED Adds Indeed Index Data

FRED has added 452 new data series of Job Postings on Indeed from Indeed Hiring Lab.

The Indeed Hiring Lab is an international team of economists and researchers dedicated to delivering insights that help drive the global labor market conversation. As of 12/9/2022, the Hiring Lab re-released the Job Postings Tracker as the Indeed Job Postings Index. The level is set to 100 on Feb 1, 2020. This change was applied to all posted series. More details are available here: Introducing the Indeed Job Postings Index.

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FRED Expands Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey

FRED has added 591 new series of Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey (SLOOS) data from the Board of Governors. These series are responses to SLOOS questions over time, in terms of both number and percentage of responses.

The SLOOS is a survey of up to 80 large domestic banks and 24 U.S. branches and agencies of foreign banks. The Federal Reserve generally conducts the survey quarterly, timing it so results are available for the January/February, April/May, August, and October/November meetings of the Federal Open Market Committee. For more information about the survey, see the SLOOS about page.

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Changes to Freddie Mac Dataset in FRED

On November 17, Freddie Mac made a number of enhancements to the Primary Mortgage Market Survey® to improve the collection, quality, and diversity of the data. Instead of surveying lenders, the weekly results are now based on thousands of applications received from lenders across the country that are submitted to Freddie Mac when a borrower applies for a mortgage. Additionally, the PMMS® will no longer publish fees/points or adjustable rates. More information can be found here.

With these changes, FRED has discontinued five series, as follows:

Freddie Mac will continue to update these two series, which will remain in FRED:

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FRED Adds Large Bank Consumer Credit Card and Mortgage Data

FRED has added 75 new series of credit card and mortgage data provided by the largest financial institutions in the United States. They are part of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia’s FR Y-14M Large Bank Credit Card and Mortgage Data release. These time series provide users with aggregate large bank data on credit card and first-lien mortgages, including portfolio composition, credit performance, origination activities, credit card payment behavior, and credit card line utilization. The data are released on a quarterly frequency.

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