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FRED Adds Net County Migration Data

These 3143 series on net county migration come from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey. To build this data set, the American Community Survey asked members of households whether they lived in the same residence 1 year ago. For those who lived in a different residence, the survey collected information on their previous residence. Each positive (negative) observation represents the total number of people who have moved in (moved out) of the county for the observation period.

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Page One Economics explains the often-misunderstood trade deficit.

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Income tax

From Economic Synopses: A closer look at who pays taxes and how much.

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Check the FRED Blog

Insight on econ themes & data. Recently, poor vs. rich states, trends in GDP, and holiday sales during WWII.

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State Street Inflation Data To Be Removed from FRED

FRED will no longer include data from State Street: On November 10, 2016, their PriceStats Inflation Series will be deleted from the FRED database, Excel Add-in, mobile apps, APIs, and all other FRED services.

Custom links to these series or custom graphs that contain these series may be broken or may return unexpected results. We apologize for this inconvenience and hope you continue to find value in our free data services.

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FRED-MD Has Been Updated

The FRED monthly database for macroeconomic research (FRED-MD) now includes the October 2016 vintage. This database, designed for the empirical analysis of “big data,” is described in detail in a St. Louis Fed working paper by Michael W. McCracken and Serena Ng.

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From Economic Synopses: How fast are prices rising? It depends on what you’re buying.

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Capital Flows

From Economic Synopses: Slow-growth Latin America gets more investment than fast-growth East Asia.

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FRED Adds Households and Families Data

These 13 annual series on households and families come from the Families and Living Arrangements dataset produced by the U.S. Census. This dataset is based on the Annual Social and Economic Supplement (ASEC) and is weighted according to population. FRED has also added monthly household estimates published in the Housing Vacancies and Homeownership dataset from the U.S. Census. This monthly series uses the Housing Vacancy Survey (HVS) and is weighted according to housing units.

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FRED Creates a Spliced Oil Price Series

FRED has just created a monthly data series by combining two monthly West Texas Intermediate spot oil price series from the EIA and WSJ. This combination makes one continuous time series from January 1946 to present.

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