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New Related Content on FRED

Don’t miss the new related content for every FRED webpage! The FRED Team has added a feature that suggests data series based on common searches in FRED. Scroll down below your favorite graph on any series page to find those suggestions. The new content will refresh every month.

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FRED Continues To Improve Its Accessibility

The FRED team continues to make its website more accessible to all users. Enhancements have been made to FRED’s homepage, header and footer, release pages, search pages, and release tables. These include:

  • Keyboard accessibility: Keyboard users can easily determine their location on FRED webpages and navigate to find content and operate interface elements without a mouse.
  • Screen reader accessibility: FRED webpages have been reformatted to maximize the effectiveness of screen reader software. Screen readers are a specialist text-to-speech software that can be used by people with little to no vision to access website content.
  • Color contrast: The colors of FRED’s content foreground and background meet color contrast requirements that allow users to visually consume text and images of text.
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FRED Adds New Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) Price Index Data

FRED has added 42 data series with new features of the personal consumption expenditures (PCE) price index.

On September 28, 2023, the US Bureau of Economic Analysis started reporting two new PCE price indexes: one excluding the energy and housing categories from the all-items PCE price index and a second one excluding the food, energy, and housing categories. The BEA report also includes several tables showing how different goods and services have contributed to overall inflation. More details are available here.

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A U.S. Government Shutdown Could Delay Some FRED Data

If funding for U.S. federal government agencies is not renewed by October 1, 2023, some U.S. data series updates may be suspended. The FRED team will monitor the situation and update the series in the FRED database as soon as new data are made available.

The FRED team will continue to serve all available data and tools to its users. Data not impacted by the government shutdown will continue to be updated on its regular schedule.

U.S. government data products from the following sources could be affected:

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