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FRED Adds 203 Productivity and Costs Series

FRED has added an additional 203 annual and quarterly series from the Labor Productivity and Costs dataset published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. These data are broken down into business, nonfarm business, nonfinancial corporations, and manufacturing for the United States.


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FRED Adds 127 Macroeconomic Series


FRED has added 127 series from the Three Centuries of Macroeconomic Data research project published by the Bank of England. These data cover national accounts and other financial and macroeconomic data in the United Kingdom going back to the late 17th century.

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FRED Adds 987 World Development Indicators Series


FRED has added 987 annual World Development Indicators series originally published by the World Bank. The data cover a multitude of indicators spanning from inflation rates to population levels for both individual nations and transnational regions. The information in FRED includes notes that outline which nations are included in the transnational data published and a brief explanation about what the indicators measure.

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FRED-MD Has Been Updated

The FRED monthly database for macroeconomic research (FRED-MD) now includes the June 2016 vintage. This database, designed for the empirical analysis of “big data,” is described in detail in a St. Louis Fed working paper by Michael W. McCracken and Serena Ng.

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FRED Adds 808 Series on Credit to Non-Financial Sector

FRED has added 808 quarterly series covering credit to the non-financial sector, originally published by the Bank for International Settlements. The data cover credit to areas such as households, non-profit institutions serving households, and the general government. The data are published in domestic currencies, U.S. dollars, and percentage of GDP. Notes have been added relating to the source of the credit.

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Have Labor Costs Slowed the Recovery?

From Economic Synopses: Recent labor costs have actually grown more slowly than during the previous recovery.

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Capital Changes in China

From Economic Synopses: Relatively speaking, the U.S. pays less to borrow and China earns less from lending. New Chinese policies may change that.

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Who Benefits from Too Big To Fail?

From Economic Synopses: “Too Big To Fail” has some consequences that may not be so obvious.

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FRED Adds 1,993 Banking and Monetary Statistics Series

FRED has added 1,993 historical series from the Banking and Monetary Statistics, 1914-1941 release of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. This addition includes only data from Section 1 (General Statistics of All Banks in the United States) and Section 2 (Assets and Liabilities of All Member Banks).More data and information about this release can be found on FRASER.

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FRED Adds 1137 Multifactor Productivity Series

FRED has added 1137 annual series from the Bureau of Labor Statistics on multifactor productivity. Multifactor productivity is measured as output per unit of combined input to see how inputs are used to produce the goods and services. These data are broken down into private business, private nonfarm business, and manufacturing sectors starting in 1987. The manufacturing sector is further broken down into 18 manufacturing industries.

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