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FRED Adds Households and Families Data

These 13 annual series on households and families come from the Families and Living Arrangements dataset produced by the U.S. Census. This dataset is based on the Annual Social and Economic Supplement (ASEC) and is weighted according to population. FRED has also added monthly household estimates published in the Housing Vacancies and Homeownership dataset from the U.S. Census. This monthly series uses the Housing Vacancy Survey (HVS) and is weighted according to housing units.

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FRED Creates a Spliced Oil Price Series

FRED has just created a monthly data series by combining two monthly West Texas Intermediate spot oil price series from the EIA and WSJ. This combination makes one continuous time series from January 1946 to present.

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FRED Adds 20,000+ State-level GDP Series

FRED has just expanded the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by State release from the Bureau of Economic Analysis by over 20,000 series. This data set contains annual and quarterly frequencies, sector-based industry break-downs, real series, nominal series, and quantity indexes.



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How Oil Affects Debt Default

From Economic Synopses: The risk of default for oil-producing economies.

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The Basics of Stocks and Bonds

From Page One Economics: A primer on financing business and public projects.

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Changes to Interest Rate Series in FRED

The Board of Governors recently announced changes to several data series from the H.15 releases. Because of these changes, the St. Louis Fed will cease updating the following Selected Interest Rate and Interest Rate Spread series: Moody’s corporate bonds, eurodollar deposits, interest rate swaps, state and local bonds, and conventional mortgages.

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FRED-MD Has Been Updated

The FRED monthly database for macroeconomic research (FRED-MD) now includes the September 2016 vintage. This database, designed for the empirical analysis of “big data,” is described in detail in a St. Louis Fed working paper by Michael W. McCracken and Serena Ng.

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FRED Adds 3,382 Regional Weekly Wages Series


FRED has just added 3,382 quarterly series from the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages survey produced by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. (The data are also in GeoFRED.) This dataset represents average weekly wages for each metropolitan statistical area including a breakdown by private establishments and federal, state, and local government establishments. The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis produces the seasonally adjusted version of the series. More details on the seasonal adjustment process can be found in the series notes.

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Check the FRED Blog

Insight on econ themes & data. Recently, owning vs. renting, employment demographics, and North Korea.

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Latest Review

Read about the effects of foreclosures, China’s savvy government, a Taylor rule for public debt, and policy for oil exporters.

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