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FRED Has a New Search

We’re pleased to announce FRED has just launched a new search. The search uses new technology, which makes the content load much faster. Many series also contain deeper descriptions to improve your understanding of the data.

In the search results, we’re collapsing other formats of the series and sorting the list in a consistent order: by frequency, units, and seasonality.

You’ll notice a green banner at the bottom of the page. From there, users can access the old search interface (for a limited time) to ease the transition. This option is accompanied by a very brief survey to help us better understand user preferences.

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The Future of Housing

New research looks at the currently low level of housing permits, which may provide insight into the future of the housing market.

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FRED Adds CO2 Emissions Data for the U.S.

FRED has added 4,965 data series on energy-related CO2 emissions from the U.S. Energy Information Administration. The term energy-related CO2 emissions refers to emissions released at the location where fossil fuels are consumed. The release tables allow users to examine emission levels by fuel type, sector, and state.

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FRED Expands Data on County Population Estimates by Race and Ethnicity

FRED has nearly 50,000 demographic estimates that come from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey and represent population estimates for 25 race and ethnicity categories for 3,141 U.S. counties or county-equivalents.

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Classic Cars on the Road

American car owners are replacing their vehicles less frequently. Learn how that could affect auto manufacturing employment.

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FRED Adds Seasonal Factors for Domestic Auto and Truck Production

FRED has added 7 new series from the Board of Governors: three regular seasonal factors, three weekday-basis seasonal factors, and the number of production days by month. These seasonal factors are intended for use with certain motor vehicle assembly data found in Table 3 of the G.17 Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization release. Note: These are not seasonally adjusted data per se, but factors that can be used to calculate the adjusted data, which the Board describes here.

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Discontinuance of St. Louis Monetary Base and Reserves Data

FRED will cease publication of St. Louis monetary base and reserves data contained in three releases: St. Louis Weekly Reserves and Monetary Base, St. Louis Bi-Weekly Reserves and Monetary Base, and St. Louis Monthly Reserves and Monetary Base. We direct your attention to an excellent alternative source of monetary base and reserves data: the Aggregate Reserves of Depository Institutions and the Monetary Base published by the Board of Governors. We believe this release includes all the relevant information about economic activity found in the series we are discontinuing. Notes for individual data series contain more details to assist you with a transition to potential substitutes, such as the one noted above. FRED’s final updates to the series in question will occur on Dec. 19, 2019 (St. Louis Weekly Reserves and Monetary Base and St. Louis Bi-Weekly Reserves and Monetary Base) and Dec. 20, 2019 (St. Louis Monthly Reserves and Monetary Base).

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FRED adds data from the Survey of Business Uncertainty

FRED has added 8 new series on business expectations and uncertainty from the Survey of Business Uncertainty, created by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta in partnership with Steven Davis of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and Nicholas Bloom of Stanford University. The panel survey measures one-year-ahead expectations and uncertainties that firms have about their own employment, capital investment, and sales across the entire U.S. economy, including large and small firms from every industry sector except agriculture and government.

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