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A U.S. Government Shutdown Could Delay Some FRED Data

If funding for U.S. federal government agencies is not renewed by October 1, 2023, some U.S. data series updates may be suspended. The FRED team will monitor the situation and update the series in the FRED database as soon as new data are made available.

The FRED team will continue to serve all available data and tools to its users. Data not impacted by the government shutdown will continue to be updated on its regular schedule.

U.S. government data products from the following sources could be affected:

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FRED Adds Macroeconomic Uncertainty Index Data

FRED has added three data series for the Macroeconomic Uncertainty Index for United States.

The Macroeconomic Uncertainty Index is a monthly measure of how unpredictable overall economic conditions are 1 month, 3 months, and 1 year ahead. Economists Kyle Jurado, Sydney Ludvigson, and Serena Ng use a set of 132 individual macroeconomic time series to calculate forecasting factors and estimate period-specific measures of uncertainty. More details are available here: Macro and Financial Uncertainty Indexes.

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FRED Adds Wage Growth Tracker Data

FRED has added 67 Wage Growth Tracker data series from the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.

The Wage Growth Tracker is a monthly measure of the nominal wage growth of individuals. The Atlanta Fed uses the individual answers to the Current Population Survey (CPS) collected by the US Census to calculate the typical percent change in the hourly wage of individuals observed 12 months apart. Different versions of the tracker show selected work and demographic characteristics of the survey respondents (shown as either 3-month or 12-month moving averages). More details are available here: Wage Growth Tracker.

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FRED has added 1,106 new series of Senior Credit Officer Opinion Survey on Dealer Financing Terms (SCOOS) data from the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. Each series represents a count for an offered response to one of the 79 survey questions.

The SCOOS is a quarterly survey of 20 or more financial institutions, providing qualitative information about the availability and terms of credit in securities financing and over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives markets, which are important conduits for leverage in the financial system. The participating institutions account for most of the dealer financing of dollar-denominated securities to non-dealers and are the most active intermediaries in OTC derivatives markets.

For more information about the survey, see the SCOOS data page.

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FRED Adds Underlying Inflation Gauge Data

FRED has added 2 Underlying Inflation Gauge data series from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

The Underlying Inflation Gauge (UIG) is a monthly estimate of trend inflation. The New York Fed uses consumer price index data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) to produce its two estimates: the full data set measure combines many of the BLS price data series with several macroeconomic and financial variables; the prices-only measure solely employs BLS price data. More details are available under Related Reading.

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FRED Is Improving Accessibility

The FRED team is striving to make its website more accessible to all users. For example, the focus component is active for FRED’s homepage, header and footer, release pages, and release tables.

When an interactive element on a webpage receives focus, it is highlighted to be identified to users, guiding them to prominent and relevant interactive elements. Visible focus provides benefit for all users, but it significantly improves the experience of keyboard-only users. Tabbing through pages with visual indicators helps ensure users will be able to complete their task without guessing their location on a page.

Stay tuned: More improvements are coming!

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