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FRED Adds Pandemic Uncertainty and Discussion Data

FRED has added 288 new quarterly series from World Uncertainty Index authors Hites Ahir, Nicholas Bloom, and Davide Furceri: the World Pandemic Uncertainty Index (an aggregate index of discussion about pandemics) and the indices for 143 countries. 

Note that the World Uncertainty Index series have moved from the Economic Policy Uncertainty release page to its own release page, together with the World Pandemic Uncertainty and Discussion of Pandemics Indices.

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Delay in Update of Banking Data

Data from the Reports of Condition and Income for All Insured U.S. Commercial Banks will be published in FRED with a delay, given the extended period banks have been granted to submit their March 31, 2020, call report.

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Mortgage Debt Outstanding Moves to Z1 Financial Accounts

The Board of Governors is no longer updating the Mortgage Debt Outstanding release. All series published in this release can be found in Z1 Financial Accounts. Any links to the former release on FRED will redirect to the Z1 release. We apologize for any inconvenience. To assist users, we recreated the Mortgage Debt Outstanding release as a table. For more information, see the Board’s page.

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FRED Expands Uncertainty Data with Infectious Disease Tracker Series

FRED has added two new series from Economic Policy Uncertainty that track equity market volatility due to infectious diseases. These series use stock market volatility, newspaper-based economic uncertainty, and subjective uncertainty in business expectation surveys to provide a real-time forward-looking uncertainty measure.

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FRED Adds Weekly Business Formation Statistics

FRED has added 448 new series from the U.S. Census Bureau’s Weekly Business Formation Statistics (BFS). The BFS gives an early look at business formation activity within the U.S. at a detailed state level and regional level.

This limited weekly data release by the U.S. Census covers business applications, high-propensity business applications, business applications with planned wages, and business applications from corporations. The quarterly release is also available on FRED.

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Philadelphia Fed Suspends Release of State Leading Indexes

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic’s extreme impact on initial unemployment claims, the Philadelphia Fed has indefinitely suspended the release of the state leading indexes. For more information, visit their release webpage.

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FRED Adds Weekly Economic Index from Daniel Lewis, Karel Mertens, and James Stock

The Weekly Economic Index (WEI) provides a signal of the state of the U.S. economy based on data available at a daily or weekly frequency. Economists Daniel Lewis, Karel Mertens, and James Stock from the New York Fed, Dallas Fed, and Harvard University, respectively, created this indicator to represent the common component of 10 daily and weekly series covering consumer behavior, the labor market, and production.

These series are Redbook same-store sales; Rasmussen Consumer Index; new claims for unemployment insurance; continued claims for unemployment insurance; adjusted income/employment tax withholdings (from Booth Financial Consulting); railroad traffic originated (from the Association of American Railroads); the American Staffing Association Staffing Index; steel production; wholesale sales of gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel; and weekly average U.S. electricity load (with remaining data supplied by Haver Analytics).

All series are represented as year-over-year percentage changes and are combined into a single index of weekly economic activity. This index is not an official forecast of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, its president, the Federal Reserve System, or the Federal Open Market Committee.

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FRED Adds Market Hotness Data

These 26,000 series from let users compare housing markets for a selection of counties and MSAs by listing price, supply and demand scores, and market hotness rank, among other indicators. The release tables provide a topical view by geography for your convenience.

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FRED Expands Housing Inventory Core Metrics

FRED has added an additional 28,600 state and MSA-level series from the Real Estate Data Library’s housing inventory core metrics, including data on listing price, square footage, active listings, median days on the market, and month-over-month and year-over-year changes. 

Explore all the data in these release tables.

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