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Error in JOLTS Government Industry Data for Hires, Total Separations, and Layoffs & Discharges

The BLS discovered data errors in federal government hires, total separations, and layoffs and discharges and have removed observations since January 2011. Go to this link for updates on when the data will be corrected. The FRED series affected by this suppression of data include JTU9100TSR, JTU9100TSL, JTU9100LDR, JTU9100LDL, JTU9100HIR, JTU9100HIL, JTU9000TSR, JTU9000TSL, JTU9000LDR, JTU9000LDL, JTU9000HIR, JTU9000HIL, JTS9000TSR, JTS9000TSL, JTS9000LDR, JTS9000LDL, JTS9000HIR, and JTS9000HIL.

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