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FRED Adds Federal Reserve Weekly Balance Sheet Records Since 1914

FRED has added about 120 series¬†on weekly historical balance sheet records for the Federal Reserve System, starting in 1914 and spanning through April 2018. These series were digitized by Cecilia Bao, Justin Chen, Nicholas Fries, Andrew Gibson, Emma Paine, and Kurt Schuler in their working paper “The Federal Reserve System’s Weekly Balance Sheet Since 1914,” issued jointly with the Center for Financial Stability.

The Fed’s balance sheet line items evolve over time: Some aggregates do not appear in all of the historical press releases or stop being included after a certain date. The authors continue to calculate these series based on their subcomponents.

Details on the authors’ calculations and links to the corresponding series in the H.4.1 Factors Affecting Federal Reserve Balances¬†statistical release from the Board of Governors are available in the relevant series notes under the individual FRED graphs.

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