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FRED and ALFRED Celebrate New Milestones!

We’re pleased to announce that FRED is celebrating 30 years as a trusted leader in providing economic data! And archival FRED (ALFRED) is celebrating 15 years of storing real-time vintages of FRED data!

The invitation list for this celebration includes you, of course, and 788,000 of our closest friends. (That is, our data series.) Additional “guests” will trickle in over time.

We’re marking this milestone with an update to the FRED website header, which includes FRED-specific content such as Release Calendar, FRED Blog, and About FRED. It also gives credit to our parent, the St. Louis Fed’s Research Division, and sibling websites, all under the heading Economic Research Resources.

Notice the new trending search terms on the FRED homepage? This list of the most-looked-for data in FRED is updated twice per day to provide you with the most relevant and timely data info.

We’re happy we can continue to enhance these data services and provide valuable resources for your data needs. Help us celebrate by testing out these new features and let us know if you have any birthday data wishes.

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