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FRED Adds Overnight AMERIBOR Unsecured Interest Rates

FRED has added 9 new benchmark interest rates: the Unsecured Overnight AMERIBOR® Interest Rate, AMERIBOR® Term Structure Interest Rates, and the 30- and 90-day AMERIBOR® Overnight Average Rates from the American Financial Exchange (AFX).

AMERIBOR® (American Interbank Offered Rate) is a transparent benchmark interest rate based on overnight unsecured loans transacted on the American Financial Exchange (AFX). The arbitrage-free AMERIBOR® Term Structure of Interest Rates is derived from the Overnight Unsecured AMERIBOR® Interest Rate and the implied AMERIBOR® forward rates from the AMERIBOR® futures prices.

AMERIBOR® reflects the actual borrowing costs of thousands of small, medium, and regional banks across America. AMERIBOR® is also useful for larger banks and financial institutions that do business with these banks, as well as small and middle-market companies.

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