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FRED Expands G.17 Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization

FRED has added 740 new historical and active series from the Board of Governors’ G.17 Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization statistical release.

About one-third of the series are historical series and the remaining two-thirds are active series. The industrial production (IP) index measures the real output of the manufacturing, mining, and electric and gas utilities industries; the reference period for the index is 2017. Manufacturing consists of those industries included in the North American Industry Classification System, or NAICS, definition of manufacturing plus those industries—logging and newspaper, periodical, book, and directory publishing—that have traditionally been considered to be manufacturing and included in the industrial sector.

A complete description of the market and industry structures, including details regarding series classification, relative importance weights, and data sources, is available on the Board’s website about G.17 Industrial Production Capacity Utilization Releases.

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