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FRED Expands Distributional Financial Accounts

FRED has added 117 new series of Distributional Financial Account (DFA) data from the Board of Governors. DFAs provide quarterly estimates of the distribution of a comprehensive measure of U.S. household wealth, beginning with the third quarter of 1989 and through the most-recent quarter.

These data show the level and share of U.S. household wealth held by four percentile groups of wealth: the top 1 percent, the next 9 percent (i.e., 90th to 99th percentile), the next 40 percent (50th to 90th percentile), and the bottom half (below the 50th percentile). Additionally, the top 1 percent has data divided into the top 0.1 percent (99.9th to 100th percentile) and top 99 to 99.9 percent (99th to 99.9th percentile).

Of the 117 new series, 112 series are data for the top 0.1 percent and top 99 percent to 99.9 percent wealth percentiles, with the remaining additional series being household count and minimum wealth cutoff data.

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